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About Elvenlune

Enchanted by beauty. As if you entered a magical forest where noble elves dance in the moonlight. Their genteel faces are decorated with charming jewels and diadems. If you feel at home in this fairytale land, you have come to the right place. Enter and enjoy the beauty of delicate jewelry.

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Eire of Elvenlune

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Who is eire

Meet the maker

Elvenlune is a brand created by Irena “Eire” Šmérková, a jeweler based in Brno, Czech Republic. Since 2010, she has been creating elven-inspired jewelry from silver, gold, and natural gemstones. “All of the jewelry you will find here originates from my desire to capture bits and pieces of my magical world and transform them into delicate ornaments for everyday wear. I put my soul into each piece of jewelry and make them as best I can. I hope they will enchant you too and become your talismans on your journey through life.“ Irena – Eire